Makayla Sketching on a street in London W10

By day…

Dr Makayla Lewis has a PhD in human-computer interaction from City University London. Her key interests are human-computer interaction, user experience, co-design, human factors in cybersecurity and smart money, and sketching in HCI. Currently, Makayla is a Lecturer in Technology Innovation at Birmingham City University, Centre for Digital Transformation; Lecturer in User Experience Design at Kingston University London; and Design Associate at Design Council in the UK.

By night…

Makayla (aka Maccy) is an Hourly Paid Lecturer for User Experience Design at Kingston University London and Design Associate at Design Council network. Makayla is also an accomplished visual thinker, sketcher, and visual note taker and her works have been featured in three visual thinking books and Adobe Blog. Makayla is a sketchnote artist and daily doodler who also enjoys sharing her process of visual thinking by organising international Sketchnote Hangout, SketchnoteLDN, and sketchnote workshops. She is often seen in meetings, seminars, conferences, and events sketchnoting and has provided visuals for a multitude of organisations, conferences, and events. To view sketchnotes examples from 2012 to present check out Makayla’s flickr.

If you require further information about Makayla check out her profile or if you would like to talk to Makayla about her research or a live sketchnote (graphic recording) or doodle opportunity contact her.