I am Web Accessibility London (a11yLDN) founder and lead organiser. a11yLDN are London wide events specially annual unconference and monthly meetups, that are directed at end-users, web designers and developers (web accessibility and user experience), editors and authors, accessibility specialists, universities and companies, charities and more specifically the movers and shakers of web accessibility.

Annual unconference

Website: www.a11yldn.org.uk/ | Videos: www.vimeo.com/a11yldn | Twitter: www.twitter.com/a11yLDN

The Web Accessibility London  unconference (a11yLDN) is a one day annual event that takes place every  September and is  organised on a voluntary basis. Each unconference  has a specific theme usually these are related to impairments that are believed t be widely under-represented population within web accessibility. However the unconference also considers the wider-disability population. The event is structured with short presentations that have ‘longer’ discussions, i.e. a place for people to learn from each other. Workshops will be also offered to give attendees the opportunity to try out existing, new and emerging assistive technology.

Monthly meetup

Website: www.a11yldn.org.uk/meetup | Videos: www.vimeo.com/a11yldn | Twitter: www.twitter.com/a11yLDNmeetup 

Web Accessibility London Meetup (a11yLDNmeetup) is a monthly event that accompanies highly successful annual Web Accessibility London (a11yLDN) unconference. The event will be structured with lightning talks (max. 10-mins) followed by two lightning presentations (max. 30-mins) that are related to web accessibility. All presentations will be accompanied by a Q&A session. Most importantly a11yLDNmeetup will provide an opportunity for the web accessibility community to network regularly.