19 Sketchnote Styles Cheat Sheet

19 Sketchnote Styles Cheat Sheet by Dr. Makayla Lewis

19 Sketchnote Style Examples:

Broken Window http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle1
Rain http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle2
Rectangle http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle3
Fixed http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle4
Trail http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle5
Speech http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle6
Bubble http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle7
Puzzle http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle8
Race http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle9
Comic http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle10
Down http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle11
Mindmap http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle12
Linear http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle13
Right http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle14
Storyboard http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle15
Random http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle16
Linked http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle17
River http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle18
Fallen Rectangle http://bit.ly/sketchnotestyle19


19 Sketchnote Styles Cheat Sheet and linked examples are for viewing purposes ONLY. They are NOT royalty free works and may not be used for commercial or private use. Any such use of these works is strictly prohibited. Specifically, these works may NOT be copied, manipulated, be reproduced by any other means nor sold without prior written consent by the author.

Note: Four of the styles presented here are based on Mike Rohde’s Sketchnote Handbook. Permission has been obtained from the Author, please note that these four styles have been renamed, slightly adjusted and included in this Sketchnote Cheatsheet.