Agile in the City: London 2019: Sketchnotes Cheat Sheet and Resources

Co-created visual icon library

Download A4 Visual Icon Library (Format: PDF)

Attendees visual icons from AGILE in the City London ‘Sketchnotes in UX Design’ workshop:

50 post it notes with icons representing agile process

Suggested Resources

Adobe Blog ‘Makayla Lewis on The Power of Sketchnoting in UX Design

Makayla’s Head and Facial Hair practice sheet

Makayla’s Hand Lettering practice sheet

Makayla’s Draw The Head From Any Angle Reference for Doodles, Sketches, and Sketchnotes reference sheet

Makayla’s Practice Sheet – Doodle People: Market Edition

Makayla’s 19 sketchnote styles:

Monthly sketchnote challenges and webinars

Monthly London based sketchnote meetup

Excerpt from AGILE in the City London ‘Sketchnotes in UX Design’ workshop slides:List of sketchnoting books taken from Makayla Lewis adobe blog interview