Practice Sheet – Doodle People: Gym Edition

Makayla’s ‘Practice Sheet – Doodle People: Gym Edition’ is an A4 PDF practice sheet (printable) for SketchnoteLDN January 2019 meetup in the UK, upon sharing it at SketchnoteLDNa few people asked for it to be publicly released. The purpose of the practice sheet is to provide a fun activity to practice doodle people and actions in a relatable context. ENJOY!


You will notice this practice sheet contains the following:

  • A gym space with equipment and furniture for you to add people interacting
  • 3 posters to include exercise instructions
  • A banner to give your gym a name
  • Window (easier) or Mirror (harder) to work on perspective.

Every month throughout 2019 a new practice sheet will be released, the theme and activity will vary thus return to this blog soon.

Makayla’s Sketching on Location Indoor Edition: Museum, Galleries, and Exhibitions Work-Booklet

Makayla’s ‘Sketching on Location Indoor Edition: Museum, Galleries, and Exhibitions work-booklet’ is an A4 PDF printable created for SketchnoteLDN meetup in the UK, upon sharing its creation on social media a few people asked for it to be publicly released. The purpose of the work-booklet is to provide tips and practice sheets for sketching on location especially in an indoor setting, the content of this printable are suggestions only, it is recommended additional research is undertaken. ENJOY!Makayla Lewis Sketching on Location Indoor Edition Booklet

Sketchnote from International Sketchnote Camp 2018, Lisboa Portugal

I attended ISC’18 to present ‘A message to my 2012 self: Sketchnote creation, knowledge sharing, and freelance’:

ISC Advert - Pens and Markers

After delivering the session, I fully immersed  myself in the creative camp, although I attended lots of sessions I only live sketchnoted two:

Photo 02-10-2018, 16 30 11

Photo 02-10-2018, 16 32 31A sketchnote summary of my ISC’2018 takeaways will follow soon 🙂



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UX Cambridge 2018: Sketchnotes in UX Design cheat sheet and resources

Co-created visual icon library

Download A4 Visual Icon Library (Format: PDF): UX Cambridge 2018 Cheat Sheet

Adobe Blog ‘Makayla Lewis on The Power of Sketchnoting in UX Design’:

Makayla’s head and facial hair cheatsheet:

Makayla’s brush lettering cheatsheet:

Makayla’s 19 sketchnote styles:

Excerpt from UX Cambridge ‘Sketchnotes in UX Design’ workshop 76 slide deck:
Resource slide

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