Making events accessible web resource by Scie

Access is the same for non-disabled people as disabled people. You wouldn’t hold a meeting on the 10th floor with no lifts, or where there was nowhere to sit, or in pitch blackness or even where all documents were given out in Braille.

Last year I consulted on a Social Care Institute for Excellence (Scie) web resource project. I predominately looked at the usability of the access-wiki website however my personal/research experience of accessibility was also put forward. As a result of this and other work [1] Scie have recently launched a Making events accessible web resource (it is no longer referred to as a wiki) . The aim of the web resource is to help people plan events and meetings within the social care field that are accessible to people who use services. However I feel the findings presented within the web resource should be considered by all event organisers. The Making events accessible resource can be found here:
Screenshot of Making Events Accessible: Choosing a Venue webpage
Screenshot of Making Events Accessible: Choosing a Venue webpage -

[1] This resource was written by Fran Branfield from the suggestions and comments made by people who use services on SCIE’s access-wiki website. The web access-wiki was usability and accessibility tested by consultants which in turn affected the delivery of the final resource.

[List] 2011 Web Accessibility Seminars, Events & Conferences in the UK

a11yLDN attendees in main presentation room

On 3rd February a twitter question was asked by @webconscious:

Know of any Internet related accessibility events/exhibitions in UK 2011? (see original tweet:!/webconscious/status/33204117027426304)

This tweet was subsequently circulated to a few #a11y people including @peskypeople who in turn asked me if I knew of any other events besides a11yLDN. At the time I was about to start my BSL class I was rather distracted and I couldn’t think of any. However, I returned to the conversation the next day were it appeared to conclude that there were only one UK based accessibility event occurring this year (as illustrated by a tweet by @peskypeople!/peskypeople/status/33579158160277504). Feeling rather concerned by this I carried out some research, and so far I’ve found the following seminars, events and conferences*:

*please contact organisers for availability and fees

As of today the list is rather small, so I plan to update this post throughout 2011 with UK accessibility seminars, events and conferences as I come across them. However if any of my readers know of any other seminars, events or conferences please leave details in the comment section below.