[List] 2011 Web Accessibility Seminars, Events & Conferences in the UK

a11yLDN attendees in main presentation room

On 3rd February a twitter question was asked by @webconscious:

Know of any Internet related accessibility events/exhibitions in UK 2011? (see original tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/webconscious/status/33204117027426304)

This tweet was subsequently circulated to a few #a11y people including @peskypeople who in turn asked me if I knew of any other events besides a11yLDN. At the time I was about to start my BSL class I was rather distracted and I couldn’t think of any. However, I returned to the conversation the next day were it appeared to conclude that there were only one UK based accessibility event occurring this year (as illustrated by a tweet by @peskypeople http://twitter.com/#!/peskypeople/status/33579158160277504). Feeling rather concerned by this I carried out some research, and so far I’ve found the following seminars, events and conferences*:

*please contact organisers for availability and fees

As of today the list is rather small, so I plan to update this post throughout 2011 with UK accessibility seminars, events and conferences as I come across them. However if any of my readers know of any other seminars, events or conferences please leave details in the comment section below.

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