CHI2013 write(sketch)-up

I recently attended CHI2013 (SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) and like a lot of attendees I decided to blog my experiences. I originally began a rather lengthy write-up that discussed the informative sessions I attended, the influential individuals I met and the key things I learnt. I was half-way through and said to myself:

“Makayla you’ve been sharing your sketchnotes throughout the conference why are you now writing?”

I deleted the post, closed my laptop, opened my Moleskine, grabbed 3 pens and sketched a highlight travelogue that expressed all my key experiences & feelings plus much more.  So here is my “sketch-up” for CHI2013:

Sketchnote Travelogue: CHI2013, Paris France
Sketchnote Travelogue for CHI2013

I have also collated my sketchnotes from the twelve CHI2013 sessions I attended, these range from UX, accessibility, co-design to information security:

My CHI2013 travelogue & session sketchnotes can also be found on Flickr:


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