Sketchnotes: UXPA-UK Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Accessibility is an essential part of good design and user experience. It is important for UX practitioners like us to recognise that people access products and services with diverse abilities, needs and context. May 9th marks the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) and the UXPA UK is proud to participate in this global initiative; bringing accessibility closer to the UX practice. Source: UXPA-UK

How to move beyond the touch screen for a better accessibility of mobile and tablet native applications, by  Fabien Marry

Abstract: For many with different abilities, using a smartphone or a tablet through their touch screen can be difficult. We will see why and how to make your native apps more accessible. We’ll start with pitfalls to avoid and simple steps with great results. Then we’ll see how to tap into the powerful built-in accessibility systems that allow you to make your app usable by wheelchair controls or that turn your graphical user interface into an auditory user interface. Source: UXPA-UK

Sketchnotes from UXPA Global Accessibility Awareness Day, 2013

BBC Olympics: An accessibility case study, by Alistair Duggin

Abstract: How do you make a website as ambitious as the BBC Olympics accessible? This presentation shares the challenges faced, approaches used and lessons learned. Source: UXPA-UK

Sketchnotes from UXPA Global Accessibility Awareness Day, 2013

Inspiring Diverse UX Panel, facilitated by Veronika Jermolina involving Andre Louis and Abdi Gas

Abstract: When you meet someone who experiences the world differently, the way you design products and services changes forever. We would like to introduce to you the people who’ve inspired us with their stories, challenges and techniques they have adopted to navigate designs which have not taken their needs into consideration. How does someone experience the world when they can’t see, can’t hear or rely on other assistive technologies? Source: UXPA-UK

Sketchnotes from UXPA-UK GAAD event panel

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